Apr. 29th, 2015 08:06 am
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I had about two or three posts I was typing about whatever has been going on this week, thoughts, projects mainly halted by familial drama. :S

I won't go into detail. Suffice to say, I am not really talking to my concert-going friend, Ange, anymore, the one who blew up and then ditched (was that a week ago??? Seems like an age). And I am currently trying to keep various segments of the family from throttling each other. Should I bother? Perhaps I should just let everything explode. Hmm. Sometimes you can't really prevent that from happening and it can be a good thing. A few beneficial explosions I do not mind (I mean I do, but eh), I just do not want people to wind up never speaking to each other ever again.

Spider narrative. Skip if you don't like spiders. Happy Ending! )

Aside from that....working very little :( (need to find a job with more and more reliable hours), grocery shopping, playing piano, binge watching Doctor Who, sitting on the patio garden when I have time, and making a frankly unrealistic reading list for 2015, but where's the fun in having a realistic one anyway?

I might dig into my closet (dvds) and binge watch old Nickelodeon tv shows. Family drama makes you feel sort of vulnerable. As I get older, I sort of pine for simpler times, but then I remember that they weren't simpler, merely different. As a kid, you have a lot of worries about being good enough, not upsetting parentals, dragging your arse off to school every morning (and the workload! How the fuck did I ever manage it?? and swim on top of that!), worrying about what you're going to do, yada yada. It's true, bills are less of an issue, but well, I don't have to go to six or seven periods five days a week. Sometimes I think that jobs are better, some days school sounds better. But either way, life wasn't all roses back then.

I am pretty good with how it is now even if it is far from perfect. It's a work in progress. I am starting to realize that is just life all over, possibly forever. "In Progress". You are always rushing to get somewhere to experience things, making plans, but you're never quite "done".

Need to sort out my head today.
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It rained for several minutes last night. I smelled it and woke up around three in the morning. I was also having creepy dreams. I set my internal alarm clock for 6:30 (and an actual phone alarm, just in case). And of course I woke back up clear out of the middle of a dream at 6:29, right before it went off. Erin's Brain: Freaky since the late 1970s.

So I pile my packed lunch and self in the car early this morning, park, stand in line with a host of sleep addled grumpy folks who don't want to be effing standing in front of the county courthouse before eight in the morning on a Monday, set off the arch, get run over with batons, have my entire bag searched (which was kind of amusing since the guy doing it seemed highly diverted by the contents; that job must get boring if found my book on Counterpoint and Russian interesting along with my menacing key chain), only to arrive at the touchpad checkpoint station and discover that my date of birth is incorrect by several years. Go to the side office and the nice lady there reveals to me that they've had a duplicate me in their system since 2009! Yes. So I've been called every year or so because there was more than one of me. They fixed it and sent me home since I just served and I need to now go beat someone with voter registration. Mum pointed out that, in essence, I have been serving jury duty in the place of other people who should have been called for years. You're welcome! :P

In other news, I may possibly have a job in the near future, I hope. It would be part time in the afternoons. *crosses fingers*

Happy Monday!!

I am going to study Russian then practice later. It felt a little like I had a metal band across my right hand so perhaps I need to lighten up on the Hanon. It did not hurt this morning and it did not even hurt, per se, last night, but I like to remain vigilant where these things are concerned and not push myself. It was probably the long, thin muscles in my hand getting quite a workout. Also though, my right hand has probably gotten abused a bit more historically, all things considered (being right-handed). I was starting to feel a little lost in the weeds last night. Keeping up the variety should help. It is, in the end, a lot of seriously hard work no matter how rewarding or fun the process can be and usually is. :S

So worth it though!


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