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I had to grad a handful of things at the store, including soap. I get this nice soap by this company called Plantlife. I usually get the Peppermint. It is soooo nice and not too horribly expensive (at least not in town it isn't). It lasts me awhile.

But I was tempted by Vanilla Orange and swayed by the text on the back:

"The gentle aroma of pure vanilla blended with sweet orange reminds us of the classic 50/50 ice cream bar and summer days gone by."

Yes, please!
Feeling nostalgic as *&^% lately so I am going with this one.
I needs some aromatherapy. :S


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I was promised tea

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I'm a mad translator with a degree in Comp Lit and assorted languages. Writing a novel and studying violin. (The story has been flailing along for the past couple of years. I think that the Scrivener research file is larger than the actual text.)

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I love tea, loose leaf teas, teas in sachets, all sorts of teas and COFFEE. The more legally, addictive stimulants, the merrier!

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