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So I slept on it. Not very well, mind you. I kept tossing and turning and shifting and waking up at odd hours. Colin being out until three did not help. I can't help but keep an ear out for him. I always seem to get a brainwave right before he arrives home and I hear his key turning in the lock downstairs. After mulling it over and bending Angela's ear on the subect as well, and thinking about the various things that I have read (opinions all, but with merit), I am going to practice three days on, one day off. And I am going to scale back to three hours. Two hours in the morning and one hour in the afternoon/evening. This site says to only do four per week, but I think that my arrangement will work best for me. I will see where I am later and if I want to go back to four per day or not. With this system, I still manage to play six days a week, but the breaks allow a full day's rest sneakily placed in between so it looks like I am getting more rest than I am. In a sense, it is more beneficial rest because I am never allowed to play so many days consecutively that I can tire my hands (or my brain) with new movements, new passages, and whatnot. Three days in a row will allow my enthusiasm some breathing room, but taking a day off right in the middle will curb it enough to allow growth and repair and other things such as reading, chilling, watching a movie without feeling like I have to squeeze it in around practice time, chores, daily life. I also took the weekend off. Sort of. I did practice for a half hour last night, just light arpeggios and a Bach melody with right hand only. OH! This site/blogger/teacher also mentioned the need to continue to practice the hands independently. It allows you to pay attention to and to not miss subtlties. I have noticed that you lose something when you split your focus too soon before each hand has learned its part and force them to play together early on. I try to get the right hand down, then get the left hand down or vic versa depending before trying to add. And then I still will go back and forth if I feel like I've lost something along the way.

Newest obsession: Prokofiev's 3rd Piano Concerto (another Bronfman performance from the same year, 2008). I remember hearing it around fifteen years ago and urgently wanting to know what it was. But I never found out. Then a few weeks ago, I found it again! It forcefully reminds me of something, I know not what. I will probably listen to it a couple more times this evening. It makes me think of blue and dampness, perhaps the ocean. There are misty dales and sunlight. Green and blue.

I listened to it twice again while doing the the massive after dinner cleanup. I am now on my FIFTH listen. I was listening to Martha Argerich play it as well. She and Fima are the masters!! They play it with the verve and intensity that it deserves.

I have marked up my calendar with "P"s for practice days and "X"s for the breaks, just to make it abundantly clear. My goal for this evening is to get to bed early, and chill with a book that I have been wanting to read for awhile, and just relax.

I have decided to do Camp NaNoWriMo because it's a place that shows you your progress and in doing so makes you accountable to your goal. I am thinking of setting it at 33,300 (haha, I am a weirdo). Anything that I do beyond that is gravy! I renamed it again….."From Out of The Rain" just for the purposes of the event. So my daily word count goal is 1,110. I have this number fixation and this works for me! It takes place in a couple of days during the entire month of April.

There is this bonkers show, Broad City, about two women living in New York City. It is very odd. I think that I need to watch more. One of the main characters flashes her VaJaJay at a statue of Peter Stuyvesant whilst riding on a Citi bike in a dress. There are no words…

I am still in love with New York even if I do not babble endlessly about it as much anymore.
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Sunday evening, again. Exam 3 is on Tuesday. :S I have decided to check online for math placement exam dates and to study after this class is finished. I cannot see how in the hell I will have time beforehand.

I decided to check online for ticket prices. Was feeling wild and thinking that I might like to fly back East and visit NYC for fun when I am done with classes. It would be the first time that I have ever gone anywhere that far alone. I have always gone places with friends or family. You can get one stop in Houston (no way in blue bloody hell am I going through O'Hare) for less than $500! But now the question becomes, "What the fuck would I do once I got there?" Hmm. I can see going to the MoMA, wandering aimlessly <333, visiting parks, and just getting a feel for it. I am going to earn some money painting. Also though, I really need things such as a nice knee length, charcoal Winter coat. Not some Land's End parka crap or my long rain jacket that I got at the Gap five or six years ago, a legit coat that would look acceptable over jeans, tights, a dress, etc. I also need a new pair of decent shoes for Winter and possibly to fix the soles on my freaking boots (I am still rather annoyed by how they split after less than three months of wear. They were not cheap.) Hmm. It sounds scary as hell, honestly. I wonder where I would stay. But I do want to get a feel for it like I was not able to last time because my ex was lame and would not even ride the subway for freak's sake! Or else I could cool my jets and try going in the late Spring next year after classes end. That would be late May-early June. Or Spring Break!! Marchish. Yes! I like that! That might make a bit more sense. I could save up more money as well. Still getting the aforementioned items though.

I checked the academic calendar and Spring Break next year is from (mon) 3/30 to fri (4/3) so that entire week. I have no classes on Friday and I may not have any on Thursday if I change around my schedule so I could go on a Thursday and come back the middle of that next week, potentially. I could come back on Tuesday. Four days would be enough to explore stuff. Hmm. Definitely something to ponder.

Painted an apartment earlier. It was very relaxing. <3 I just took my time, thought aloud, planned, imagined. I started to get this mental image of what the future could be like, will be, and I began to feel a bit of excitement. When we were at Whole Foods around lunchtime I felt this odd rush. But it wasn't like those times when I am on the verge of panic or fatigue. It was a wave of something like anticipation or the sort of happy feelings that make you dizzy. I was sort of sticking my toe in the pool of "what ifs" and finding it to my liking as silly as that sounds. I am too damn tired for witty metaphors. :P I have spent a fair amount of this long weekend sleeping off and on in order to avoid getting whooping cough or a cold.

I wrote two looooooong e-mails yesterday, one to Hanieh and one to Angela. Accomplishment! :D
I should get Natalie's e-mail and write to her as well. I am trying my damndest to keep in touch. I have realized lately that it really is a two way street and that I am not solely responsible for keeping friends. They have to be willing to keep me as well. So to speak...
Also realized that things come and go. There were periods when I had co-workers and friends in abundance, and then they were a bit less. But then I had a social network again, that one dissolved or broke apart a little to be replaced by another. Point is, this quiet period that has been driving me nuts is just that, a period, a time length of temporary duration. I need to remember that things come and go (even though I wish sometimes that they would not with such alacrity) and that differently good things are coming again. Just hmmm.

I should resume Anatomy and then read and go to bed. I am feeling a little bit of Sunday blah though it took until ten pm to hit me this time.

I feel like there is more here, but I simply cannot articulate it...


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