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I am proceeding with the revising. Currently on joints. I really need to review the arm muscles later. There's that and all of the origin and insertion points, yow! I know some of those.
I feel like it is going well. I suspect that Dr. Shah is going to crank things up a little later once he has set up the practical portion of the exam, but I am getting there earlier regardless so that I can mill about with the rest of the frightened little creatures who were foolish enough to cram an entire semester's worth of Anatomy into their otherwise enjoyable Summer break my classmates.

Sunday feels like a blah time of little energy (at least when I check my surroundings). But today, even though my nose is running and I feel low-level sick, I am feeling pretty perky. I have got this mostly under control. The shopping's been done. It is mainly memorization. Colin is off in the City, again! ....this time for Pride. Sean and Meaghan were going. I am a little jealous. It is not terribly exciting here. But I do have an exam tomorrow. He texted me a little bit ago to announce the New Order (really??) are playing on July 7th. Dude. You can't go to a concert every day in the month of July! He is already going to like four of five. o_O


Urrghh. I am going to spend the rest of my evening trying to reinhale bones, bone markings, and the origin and insertions of muscles. :S I felt better for having gone to bed early last night. I want to do the same this evening. YES. Texted Kathy and thank the gods, we can arrive a little later tomorrow. Phew. Going to bed by eleven tops.

This muscle situation is flat out bonkers. I am going to revise a little more and then hit the hay. o_O

Tomorrow is another day.

P.S. The Netherlands are through to the Quarter Finals!!!
More Slytherin ranting later??


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