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Finally getting around to watching S8 of Doctor Who. I have read a lot of scathing reviews of it. Many of them feel a bit reactionary, but because the reviews were seemingly well-thought out and articulate, I figured that the people writing them must have had some perspective and at least some common sense. What I mean by that last statement is that DW has not historically been the most realistic show ever. Whimsical shortcuts are often taken to explain some pretty out there concepts (or to not fully explain them as the case may be), and well, if you scrutinize anything for too long, you can poke holes in it. (You can do this with reality if you really want to go there.)

Last season, seasons before bear similarities. So the question is, are they angry because the plots really are crap or are they calling the kettle black? I think it's the flavor of this series that does not agree with everyone. You can look at Four, Eleven, whoever and find gaping plot holes. The size, shape, and nature of the holes do not vary tremendously. It is always going to be a show about a very old, somewhat demented, occasionally shapeshifting man who zips around in a tesseractish space and time bending thingy that resembles an antiquated police box with human stowaways/fellow adventurers.

I was prepared to despise it, but I like it the more that I watch it. I do not find the stories or concepts any more whatthefuckish than usual. Some are, dare I say it, a bit more solid than last season. I thought that Trenzalore and the town of Christmas were an unholy, ridiculous mess of epic proportions oozing with sentimentality. It had its moments, but it was shoddily held together and I only watched for Eleventy and Clara. I got rather annoyed with someone on Twitter who was spluttering on about how it really did make sense if you troubled yourself to connect the anvilish dots. If you adopt a system of rules, no matter how bizarre or insane, you can reason your way through just about anything! Doesn't mean that we all care to. And there is such a thing as consistency. :P

The more that I watch, the more I see what one always sees who is a fan of a five decades spanning show about time travellers, the Doctor is always the same person, just with a different face.

Or perhaps it's because I live with somebody that grumpy who tries really hard to prove that they are in fact super grumpy and do not care.

And some folks exclaim, "Oh, but it's so dark now!" Nine was pretty dark at times too and some of the futures they visited. Euch. No, thank you. And I actually thought that Ten could be quite abrasive and arrogant. Really, I don't see that much has changed. He just has even less of a filter though isn't the fact that he never fits and puts his foot in it also part of the charm? Perhaps it is because he's older and people liked that with each successive generation he was looking younger?

And there is quite a bit of humor in S8 as well that people reviewing it fail to mention. Hmm.

I am trying to learn another bit of music and finding lettering and letters annoying. It's like no matter how many times I read a piece of music, the letters never quite stick. I have this problem with dictionaries, iPod lists where the artists are alphabetized (which is generally how that works), foreign language syllabaries. If I color the notes, I never mistake what they are.
(More on that and my funny brain in another post). I can be scrolling through my iTunes library for something and I will go right past it, like I don't even see it even though I was obviously looking right at it.

Family is sort of better, and sort of difficult.Likening it to a cut healing where it itches in the meantime whilst getting slowly better. My family isn't stinging or painful, but it itches a little. I hope it's itching and not something else.

My LJ turned twelve on May the 1st!
Wow. Seems like an obscenely long time ago!

I have things to do, fun things, good things and I want to do them, but I have been binge watching instead. :S

The other night I sat out on my balcony and watched the light fade. It took about an hour. I noticed that the breeze would ruffle the leaves on certain trees, but not their near neighbors even though the leaves on those trees were not any heavier. But then it would ruffle the leaves aways away like it was skipping over certain trees. Like little micro breezes. It seems that the smaller a system like that gets, the less apparently predictable it becomes. Ever wonder why that is? Some folks cite math, but I think it's energy. The breeze must be following a certain path for a reason.

Need to redo the hummingbird feeder and set the coffee maker for the morning.

I will leave you with an odd tune that I have been obsessively listening to: Plans by Grizzly Bear.

P.S: It's a Full Moon!
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